Marvin Morales
Dance Instructor

Marvin started learning the art of B-boying at age 16. With a friend he started a crew called "Beyond the Limit" that consisted of 5 members.  For two years he practiced with his crew using their limited space and resources, not until a B-boy jam in Pensacola called "Renegades of Funk" did he start meeting and dancing with the local B-boys in Pensacola.  Soon he started traveling across the country to battle, as well as helping and teaching the younger generation of Pensacola.  Throughout his high school years, he participated in many talent shows.  In college, he became part of a crew called "outlawz" that consisted of 7 people.  He stayed with this crew for a year, and competed and performed at events around Pensacola and surrounding areas.

Marvin still continues to dance with his friends throughout the week to further improve his skills.  He looks forward to teaching the newest generation of Hip Hop dancers the techniques of B-boying.

Marvin can be reached at


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