About the LPA Company

The LPA Company is the performing group of LaBelle Performing Arts.   Company dancers are chosen through audition and must show maturity, motivation, and dedication to the art.  Our dancers are expected to strive for excellence in every performance.  For that reason, we train for and participate in local, regional, and national dance competitions and workshops.

Our goal is the perfection of our dancers' art and their character. 
Our mission is to provide superior dance training while encouraging and positively impacting its students.
Our passion is the art of movement.

LaBelle Performing Arts Company (LPA Company) will:
  • Compete at regional and national competitions each year. These competitions will help develop performance abilities and push members to strive for technical perfection.
  • Participate in workshops throughout the year. The workshops will help members improve their technique while teaching them the latest innovative choreography. The Company will have the opportunity to meet and take classes from some of the leading choreographers and dancers in the industry.
  • Perform at many community events and participate in local parades. The members will participate in an event called the Spirit of Christmas where they perform at a local nursing home and give the residents gifts.
  • Have an end-of-the year trip that will enhance each dancers abilities and dance education.
Being a member of the LPA Company requires dedication and hard work. Company members will learn to develop technique and enhance their talent while learning from successes and failures, along with many other important lessons in life. The LPA Company is an amazing experience a dancer will remember their entire life.